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No band can exist in a vacuum (though vacuums often exist within bands)

Below are the Good Egg's links to the Silver-verse- sites of connection,

inspiration, derivation, of same mind, different mind and out of mind. And

there's one or two that nothing to do with SILVERMAN at all but which

I've included because I like them...

Buy the band a pint at FairTunes

Silverman homepage

Silverman @

Silvermania- the remixes at

Lorna homepage

Lorna @

Opal Music , online sales of SOL album

Lamb, one of Anna's favourite bands.

Laika, right up Silver Street.

Poetryalive- hire- a- poet from Nottingham.

Carina Round, (another) one to watch in 2002.

Hungry Lucy, trip-hop goth, eyeliner, the works. You'd never think they were Americans.

exile inside- buy a band. The only whip-round band in the world courtesy of Jake Shillingford et al ex MLS.

4AD, where would we be without Ivo and co?

Tanya Donelly 'And when I hold you like tomorrow you might you might die, well, it's because you might'. Perfect lyric. This is fan site since the 'official' seems stuck in 1997. New album not as good as 'Lovesongs', sadly but give her a go.

Emiliana Torrini, Icelandic/Italian worth it for the line 'playing silly buggers til I make a pass'. Site never gets updated though.

Bjork, cos she's bonkers.

Ooberman, kitch and twee or utterly unique? Much more than just Shorley Wall.

Saint Etienne, as English as a band with a french name can be.

Sarah McLachlan, perfect.

Goldfrapp, the only chilled song about oral sex, ever.

LA's Web, great for the Buffy enthusiast in your family and you might just discover some great music, too. eventually.