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In a moment of unprecedented excitement at the imminent arrival of the new album 'The Slow of Life';-) I asked Anna and Martin some impertinent questions and got some impertinent answers back which serves me right.

Here's the goss-

1/ What makes you cry?

Martin: Lacrimal glands.

Anna: Onions

2/ List 3 books on your bookshelf.

Martin: The Liar-Stephen Fry, Corpsing- Toby Litt,

Conversation- Theodore Zeldin

Anna: The Beach- Alex Garland, Writing done the Bones(sic)- Natalie

Goldberg, A book of Georgia O'Keefe paintings

3/ Which record do you wish you had made?

Martin: Our next one...(boom boom)... seriously...Secret Name by Low

Anna: hmmm, there's loads, the one that sticks out...'China' -Tori Amos

4/ What's the perfect sandwich contain?

Martin: Anna, a hint of crushed pepper and a little English mustard (huh?)

Anna: Strong cheddar cheese and mustard

5/ Anna, is it true about Martin's hairy legs?

No, he lies about it to make him feel more manly!

I'm the one with the hairy legs!!!...make of that what you will! (well martin would probably want to make a sandwich of it)

6/ Martin, make up something about Anna.

She always has money on her when we go to the pub. (Anna: oooh, tou big hairy, smelly bastard!!)

7/What's the best season?

Martin: Thyme (it's a blade)

Anna: pepper and spring

8/ If you stole Dr Who's TARDIS, where/when would you go?

Martin: To meet my ancestors and start apportioning blame. (back to the hair thing, the guy's obsessed)

Anna: Back in time to meet Elvis

9/ Rain or Shine?

Martin: It always sometimes rains.

Anna: "Rainy days and mondays always get me down..."

(that's a big vote for rain, then)

10/ Which Silverman song would best suit Buffy? *in brackets* cos I think it's a fab idea and you should send joss a demo- sad fanboy alert!

Martin: Who's Buffy?

Anna: Do you mean the vampire slayer girl?

I so do. Well that fell flat. Personally I suggest My Overflowing Ashtray Heart cos it's plenty bleak enough for those metaphorical still- beating- heart- ripped- from- chest moments but then I would. Just hope there's no vamps in Cheltenham....

More Silverthoughts soon...