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SILVERMAN is, mostly, Anna Dennis and Martin Williams.

In the early 90's Martin managed and played drums for the sadly over looked indie band Nilon Bombers. Heart still yearning for the big time (whatever that is), he set out to find a vocalist. Meanwhile, Anna was gigging round pubs with a guitar, a stool and a heart full of song following in the well worn footsteps of the female singer/songwriter. It was just a matter of time.... And the rest, as they say, might have been history had not the Williams/Dennis chemistry created quite such a bang...

After plying Anna with drink, tapes and outlandish ideas they began to create the songs which would come to be the first Silverman 'virtual' album, ARCHANGEL.

It was 1998 and the internet was just beginning to get its cyber claws into society. The kids were logging on at school and college while their parents braced themselves for the flood of depravity that was about to burst down the phone line... but it didn't happen.

After decades of making and breaking careers, A+R men, PR reps and marketing suits found themselves dealing with something they had no control over. The raw talent that they had spent so long leeching off of was bypassing them and going straight to the fan base. Silverman saw this, and that it was good, and decided to get a piece of the action. They got a bigger piece of the action than they could have imagined.

Music fans (an ugly word, buit it'll have to do) around the world embraced the new punk, logging onto artist sites and promo sites like MP3.COM and the more legally dubious Napster (RIP?), the sacrificial lamb of the corporations. For old bands with diminishing sales, jilted by their Armani wearing masters, regrouping on the web, serving loyal followers directly was the way to go. But the internet was not just a graveyard for has-beens, it was also becoming a breeding ground for raw talent in every musical genre. Silverman, not known for being easily pigeonholed, thrived.

In 1999, ARCHANGEL was released through MP3.COM and became an instant bestseller. The original Silverman website came 12th in's best Website chart and made number one in the download chart five times. Then they won the 'Best Music' award at the film and music awards in LA. In 2000, 'Time Is A Blade' became a semi-permanent fixture at the top of Steve Lamaq's chart

The success of ARCHANGEL was quickly followed by the more organic sound of STAR in 2000. Now, after a year spent dealing with the intricate machinations of the music industry (the band philosophy is seemingly at loggerheads- whatever a 'loggerhead' is ;-) -with all that corporate nonsense) and the 'real' world, Silverman look set for their best year yet with the release of their debut album SPEED OF LIFE(part2). Backed by Stevo and Alan (a couple of tattood rock bastards) and the indispensible and very wonderful Mr Mark Rolf of Lorna , the little band from the west of England will get a whole lot bigger and the big wide world will get that little bit smaller.


like falling in love but without

the bruises