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Simon B. He knows nothing about music except what he likes but he plays a mean trinagle. He apparently lives in Lorna land (Nottingham, England) more by mistake than anything and doesn't get out much, though he's wide open to offers.

He lies for a living and tells the truth at all othertimes and dabbles with a non-career as an author and occaisional performance poet. Biggest success to date- 3rd in the Bridport prize 2000 'the year from hell' for Billy Brown of London Town and the Troglodytes of Bow. His first novel The Alice Option, about love, the end of the world and Alice in Wonderland sank without trace after September 11. Currently working on his second The Rainbow Harvest which is named after a vague never-really-famous actress but is to do with deciding who's side you're on. Open to offers there too....

He likes hats and graveyards, sometimes together. Loved once, but never again, he says, broodingly. "She wanted reality, and she's welcome to it." :-)

Got involved with the Silverfolk while imploding in 2000 and has never looked back since. Well, not without the aid of a mirror.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer enthusiast and velvet freak, he likes the colour black (any shade) and also burgundy. There are other colours in his wardrobe but he only wears them so people think he's weird. The jury is continuously reported to be 'out' on that one.

Fave Book- A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

Fave film- SFW (Jeffrey Levy)

Fave food- the more calories the better

Pet hate- people who make fave lists and think it says something important about them and people who write about themselves in the third person which he considers to be extremely rude ;-)